Spanish textiles and fashions. SPAIN clothing, fabrics, footwear Spanish Manufacturers and Suppliers of Textiles and Clothing, made in Spain
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  APPAREL [405]
A Huge selection of Spanish Fashion and Apparel manufacturing companies
  FABRICS [270]
The best in high quality fabrics to manufacture superior fashion and textile products
The best selection of quality Fashion Accessories: silk ties and scarves, socks, stockings, hats, gloves
  FOOTWEAR [870]
Top of the line fashion Footwear: women's, men's, children's and sneakers
The finest Linens and Home Furnishing Textiles, combining quality, style and comfort
  KNITWEAR [118]
All types of fine Knit Fabrics for manufacturing fashion Knitwear. Also a complete selection of knitwear for men women and children
  LEATHER [273]
Best selection of Leather Clothing and Accessories. Outstanding choices of style and quality
Unmatched Production Services including Production for trade companies as well as high-tech Machinery
Suppliers of Natural and Man-Made Fibers, Dyestuffs and other Raw Materials for all of your textile needs!
The best resource of Buying Offices, Training, Textile Designs and Archives, Style Consultants, Shipping, Software available in Spain!
  YARNS [28]
The best quality Yarns in cotton, wool, silk and man-made fibers.


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