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How and Why to Join SpanishModa

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SpanishModa's "down to earth" approach is inherited from the ItalianModa Network and its deep knowledge of the market. The same Market that made it the most successful Textile and Fashion B2B Marketplace now available on the Net!

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SpanishModa is a Market place with the largest data base of fashion and textile products in Spain! It was created by the same group of specialists that developed the world renound ItalianModa Marketplace! This outstanding team of specialists are experts in fashion, textiles, and the Interent and are totally dedicated to helping your business succeed!

SpanishModa is a Vertical Marketplace dedicated exclusively to Business-to-Business (B2B) operations. As a member of SpanishModa your company will have unlimited contact with numerous potential clients. Your business activity and brand will become visible and well known to professionals around the globe. Last but not least Your Web-site will be included in the Marketplace enabling you to receive more traffic than ever before!

With the enourmous size of the WEB today it is very hard for a small WEB site to produce any valuable results. A company must invest a lot of TIME and MONEY to get the reconition they deserve ... until now!

SpanishModa will help you increase your business opportunities today! This is a superior model for any company, especially Small and Medium ones! You can finally have the benefits of being present on the Internet and doing business in the most effecient way possible, Electronically!

SpanishModa is a "marketplace", where Buyers and Sellers can meet each other! SpanishModa includes Spanish retailers and manufacturers but it also brings forth the opportunity of doing Inernational Business. It can be accessed by Operators around the world who are interested in doing business with Spanish companies. In today's highly competetive business world, your company's presence on the Internet is a necessity. Why should you let your competion get ahead of you?

SpanishModa is a solid Marketplace , with only one objective, to promote the Business of our Members! You will not find another comany like ours, we are totally dedicated to you and the success of your Business! There is no time to lose! If you are an entrepernuer you can undoubtedly understand that SpanishModa is the ideal Business Tool for the International growth and promotion of your Company!

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All of the services provided by SpanishModa are real Tools to help your company do business, locally as well as internationally.

  • Inclusion in our Search Engine
  • Presence in our Directory
  • Company Showroom
  • Business Leads
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    Electronic Catalogs How to Join has developed an unique B2B Electronic Catalog platform for the Textile and Fashion industry, having over 30 installations in the highly competitive Italian market.

    This is not a simple E-Commerce system to sell merchandise to Consumers, but a full-featured E-Business Tool able to increase your marketing and sales opportunities dramatically.

    The system has been entirely designed by the pragmatic ItalianModa staff and it offers facilities to showcase products, collect sample requests and gather orders.

    Priced at a fraction of the cost of equivalent B2B E-Catalog systems, this is the ultimate Business Tool for any Textile or Fashion company.

    Learn more about our E-Catalogs

    Joining SpanishModa is both QUICK and EASY!

    To Join SpanishModa Now, simply fill in the neccessary data and choose your Username and Password. Then log into your Personal Control Panel and choose up to three different Product Categories where you would like to include your Company.

    At this point you must activate your Membership by paying the due amount by Credit Card: just follow the very simple directions printed on the screen! After your payment is confirmed, you will receive some E-Mails to confirm your Membership and to give you some suggestions about what is necessary to set up your Showroom.

    In a few hours your company will receive the first Business Leads, thanks to its new presence in SpanishModa!

    If you don't want to pay by Credit Card, you may pay by wire transfer or Postal Money Order. Click here to request our Membership Form, to be sent back to us by fax together with a payment receipt!

    This is only the beginning: SpanishModa can offer you other options for doing business on the Internet, such as ItalianModa's breakthrough B2B E-Catalog platform and the revolutionary WEB COLORING system for online Coloring of Designs, Fabrics, and Models.

    Feel free to ask us any questions you may have about our company. We will get back to you in a short time so Your Business can become World Recognized as soon as possible!

    WEB COLORING Some Figures

    This is the ultimate Tool for any Textile company wanting to cut down on the costs and time related to the sampling process, as well as offer a revolutionary way to allow the coloring of Designs, Fabrics and even Garments to Customers and Stylists placed remotely.

    WEB COLORING is a completely new concept: it works 24 hour a day through the Internet and can use the images processed by virtually any Textile CAD software or imagining program.

    Learn more about WEB COLORING

    SpanishModa is a "Business-to-Business" Marketplace receives thousands of qualified professional visitors each month and is still counting (the ItalianModa Marketplace alone has over 120,000 visits a month)! Two thirds of the global traffic comes from North America.

    The very large majority of visitors are Shops, Wholesalers, Distrbutors, Retail Chains, Department Stores and Manufacturing Companies seeking new Spanish suppliers. This traffic generates a constant flow of fresh Business Leads you can use to expand your Business Opportunities, as well as improve the awareness of your brands.

    You have no alternative: if you don't join SpanishModa you will never have an opportunity to take advantage of such an oustanding quantity of Business Leads! Getting the same type of results by using traditional media would take an enourmous amount of time and thousands dollars!

    SpanishModa does what your company should do: sound marketing and advertising actions through Internet in order to be found by all of those professionals interested in new Spanish Suppliers. If you don't have an annual budget of tens of thousands of dollars to spend, the SpanishModa Membership will be your best investment ever!

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